Last Revision: March 24, 2024 (Changes made: 2X points earning of stFlow/Flow stableswap pair and 10X points earning of swaps to $stFlow)

✨ How to Earn Points

You can earn points by holding stFlow, swapping, lending / borrowing, providing liquidity, and referring new users. Points are categorized into two main types:

  • Activity Points: Earn through DeFi activities on Increment.

  • Referral Points: Earn 5% of the activity points of the users you refer (without lowering their own activity points).

💪 Activity Points: Use-to-Earn

Here are 5 key DeFi activities to earn points on Increment. You can customize your own strategy to maximize your points while interacting with Increment:

  • Hold stFlow: It will earn you 24 points per day for every 1,000 $stFlow tokens holding in the wallet. The longer you hold and the more $stFlow you have, the more points you will get.

  • Lend: It will earn you 2.4 points per day for every $1,000 worth of funds deposited into the lending pool. The more and the longer you deposit in the lending pool, the more points you will earn.

  • Borrow: It will earn you 12 points per day for every $1,000 worth of funds borrowed from the lending pool. The more and the longer you borrow, the more points you will earn.

  • Provide Liquidity & Stake into Farms: It will earn you 30 points per day for every $1,000 worth of liquidity provided to certain swap pairs. The LP tokens have to be staked into active Farms to earn the points. (*Note that starting from March 24 2024, LP of stFlow/Flow stableswap pool earns 2X - 60 points / day / 1K worth of lpToken)

  • Swap: It will earn you 1.0 point for every $1,000 worth of swap trade through Increment. The more trading volumes you make, the more points you will earn. (*Note that starting from March 24 2024, trades that swapped to $stFlow earns 10X - 10 points / $1K worth of swap)

(* Noting that the above data is pro-rata based with 1.0 as minimum qualifying threshold. For example Alice will earn 0.01 point per hour if holding 10 $stFlow, but she will earn nothing if holding less than 1.0 $stFlow.)

Example 1: User Alice

  • Holds 2,000 $stFlow

  • Lends 2,000 $Flow

  • Borrows 1,000 $USDC

  • Provides {500 $Flow + 446 $stFlow} liquidity to Flow<>stFlow stableswap-pool => receives 900 lpTokens => Just staked 500 lpToken into the corresponding active Farm

  • Swapped 1,000 $Flow to $USDC, 500 $Flow to $stFlow

Assuming 1 $Flow = $1.1, 1 $stFlow = 1.12 $Flow, Alice will:

  1. Earn points from holding stFlow: 24 points / 1,000 stFlow / day:

    • 24 / 1000 * 2000 = 48 points / day

  2. Earn points from Lending: 2.4 points / $1,000 / day

    • 2.4 / 1000 * 2000 * 1.1 = 5.28 points / day

  3. Earn points from Borrowing: 12 points / $1,000 / day

    • 12 / 1000 * 1000 = 12 points / day

  4. Earn points from Staked LP: 30 points / $1,000 Staked LP / day (2X weight, i.e. 60 for stFlow/Flow stableswap pair)

    • 60 / 1000 * ((500 * 1.1 + 446 * 1.12 * 1.1) * 500 / 900) = 36.65 points / day

  5. Earn points from Swapping: 1 point / $1,000 swap size (10X weight for swapping to $stFlow, i.e. 10 points / $1K swap size)

    • 1 / 1000 * 1000 * 1.1 + 10 / 1000 * 500 * 1.1 = 6.6 points

Total = 48 + 5.28 + 12 + 36.65 + 6.6 = 108.53 Points / day

* Noting that only lpTokens staked into active Farms will be counted. The current active Farms are:

  • Flow<>USDC LP-Farm

  • Flow<>stFlow (Stableswap-pair) LP-Farm (2X weight, i.e. 60 points / $1K staked LP / day)

  • Flow<>DUST LP-Farm

  • Flow<>Loppy LP-Farm

The farms are setup on a monthly basis and may change based on adoption, partnership, and performance of the program. Please join our discord community to get alerts of these changes.

👥 Referral Points: Earn 5% extra from Referrals

This is a mutual beneficial opportunity for both you and the people you refer:

  1. Share your referral link with your friends.

  2. When your friends use your referral code and keep using Increment, everyone wins.

  3. You'll receive 5% of their activity points, and your referees will also enjoy a 5% earning rate speed-up of their activity points.

Keep in mind that this benefit has an ongoing effect: as long as your referees keep earning activity points, you'll continuously receive 5% of their newly earned activity points.

Please note that the 5% referral points bonus only takes effect after your invitation is accepted (they bind your referral code), and thus cannot be applied retroactively.

🚀 Boost Earning Rate

👐 Holding a Core Member NFT:

By holding the Increment Core Member NFT, you will get a 20% earning rate boost of your activity points.

Example 2: Take the example from 1.

After Alice obtains the Increment Core Member NFT, her point earning rate will be increased by 20%, so from now on, she will get: 108.53 * (1+20%) = 130.236 Points / day

🔗 Binding a Referral Code:

By binding a referral code, you will get another 5% earning rate boost of your activity points.

When sharing out your referral link, do not forget to tell your potential referees this benefit.

It is highly recommended that all users bind a referral code to get this 5% boost.

Example 3: Take the same example from 2.

After Alice binds a referral code, her point earning rate will get another 5% increase.

Now her total boost becomes 25% (calculated linearly). So from now on, she will get: 108.53 * (1+25%) = 135.663 Points / day

There will also be future boosts that may last for a limited time to promote a partnership, attract liquidity for certain assets, etc.

Please stay tuned and turn on post notifications in X to get first time alerts of these promotions.

🎉 OG Points (Retroactive Points Airdrop)

The OG Points Program is to reward our OG users who have been with us since the early days and grow with us all the way on Flow.

The snapshot was taken on March 4 2024 11:00 (GMT+0) for previous qualified activities on Increment. Qualified users will notice a flashing giftbox 🎁 on the top left corner of the page as a notification to claim their OG Points airdrop.

Please note that OG points must be claimed within 2 months from the launch time (March 4, 2024) of the Points Program. Non-claimed OG points will be burnt after the claiming window.

🏆 Points Ranking & Leaderboard Update

The leaderboard ranks top-30 participants in the Points Program by total points and referral points respectively. There may be extra rewards for the top participants such as distributing the Core Member NFT, guaranteed whitelist, et al. Please stay tuned and turn on post notifications in X to get first time alerts.

Most of the activities accumulate points in real-time (and thus Leaderboard is updated near real-time), but for points earned from swapping and points earned from referrals there's a delay. The leaderboard will be updated once a week on Sunday, to accurately include the points earned from all activities in the past week.

❓ Questions

If you have any questions on the point program, please ask the team in Discord and we can assist you with the right direction.

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