Increment begins with centralized admin control of the money market protocol, including:

  • Tuning InterestRateModel

  • Running decentralized oracle nodes

  • Configuring per-market risk parameters such as data source weight, collateralFactor, borrowCap, liquidationPenalty, etc.

  • However, admin has no right to transfer or drain pooled fungible tokens.

The goal is to finally grant full community control (DAO) of:

  • The ability to add / suspend a fungible token market

  • The ability to update InterestRateModel for each market

  • The ability to vote, whitelist, and incentive outer oracle nodes which maybe run by other projects, community developers, etc.

  • The ability to change per-market risk parameters

  • The ability to reduce market reserve and determine its usage

We believe that move fast in the first place while being transparent to reach progressive decentralization is the best practice.

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