💧Liquid Staking

The easiest way to stake Flow without locking funds!

Increment has developed and launched the first leading non-custodial Liquid Staking Protocol (i.e. LSP) on Flow.

By allowing users to earn staking rewards and enjoy unlocked liquidity to participate in Flow's DeFi ecosystem at the same time, we believe that LSP creates huge new opportunities to the Flow network, node operators, stakers, and token holders as a whole.

LSP helps to decentralize the network, ease the staking process & diversify the risks, release unlocked capital, and create more yield & composibility opportunities.

Just give an example here: there are currently ~ 719,000,000 $flow tokens locked in staking. If we were able to make 10% of these staked tokens liquid, we’ll have ~ $121 million worth of TVL to participate in Flow's DeFi ecosystem.


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